Supervising and Lecturing, University of Cambridge, 2017 - 2019

Undergraduate courses, University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology, 2019

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Sociology 3: Modern Societies (2017 - 2019)

  • Supervised several students over the course of the digital societies module. This entailed grading essays and teaching in-person seminars to supplement lecture materials.
  • Taught topics focused on intersectionism and the digital age such as:
    • Social movemnts in the digital age
    • Racial politics in social media
    • Gender issues in online communities
    • The geopolitics of cultural and technological production in the digital age

Sociology 7: Media, Culture, and Society (2016, 2019)

  • Supervised several students via seminars on topics such as:
    • Critical theory of the media (e.g., The Frankfurt School, Habermas)
    • Sociology and production of culture (e.g., Becker, Bourdieu)
  • Created and presented lecture materials to Cambridge University undergraduates on modern privacy and surveillance issues.

See sample lecture materials here.