Course convenor, MIT, Spring 2023

Undergraduate courses, MIT, Comparative Media Studies, 2023

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CMS 100: Introduction to Media Studies

  • Convening the gateway Media Studies course at MIT–this entails drafting a new syllabus, grading essays, and providing in-person lectures.
  • This course also fulfills MIT’s Commmunication Intensive (CI) requirement, so significant this course also entails significant writing and presentation instruction.
  • Course provides an introductory overview of the diverse arenas of media studies, including:
    • Industry, commodification, and political economy
    • Representation and media text analysis
    • Media policy and regulation
    • Media technologies

MIT’s Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program

  • Accepted into and completed MIT’s Kaufman Teaching Certificate program (2023).
  • Interactive, assessment-based workshops throughout spring 2023 to better evidence-based teaching practices.